The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast

Anton Sharypov

Anton Sharypov
Elected on the regional party list of the Tomsk Regional Office of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Member of the CPRF, member of the Bureau of the City Committee of the CPRF

Fourth-year student of the National Research Tomsk State University

Date of birth: 1989

Brief biography:Born in Tomsk

2006 – graduated from high school No.55 in Tomsk
Present – fourth-year student at the Philosophy Department of the Tomsk State University

Since 2007 – member of the CPRF
Since 2008 – deputy secretary of primary party organization No.8 of working and studying youth
Since 2010 – member of the Bureau of the City Committee of the CPRF

Since 2008 – member of Union for Protection of Workers’ Rights, Tomsk Local Public Organization
Since 2009 – member of the Board of the Union

Additional information:
Editorial staff member, regional sociopolitical newspaper Tomskaya Pravda, expert in desktop publishing and design

Unmarried, without children

Hobbies: philosophy (Frankfurt school), fishing, swimming, gardening
Deputies. 5th convocation

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