The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast

Budgetary and Financial Committee

The main activity line of budgetary and financial committee is the work on the main financial document of the Oblast - the law on regional budget for the next financial year.

  • Alexandr B. Kupriyanets , the Head of the Committee
  • Natalia G. Baryshnikova;
  • Aleksey G. Fedorov;
  • Oleg V. Gromov;
  • Alexandr P. Kadesnikov;
  • Vladimir V. Kazakov;
  • Boris A. Maltsev;
  • Evgeny Pavlov;
  • Ekaterina M. Sobkaniuk;
  • Sergei V. Zvonaryov

    The main lines of activity:
    - Ensuring of budgetary process.
    - Control for performance of regional budget, budget of territorial fund of compulsory medical insurance, targeted use of budgetary funds, and effectiveness of tax facilities.
    - Issues on management and property disposal in Tomsk Oblast.
    - Implementation of tax policy.
    - Assistance to social and economic development of Tomsk oblast.

    Standing commissions:

  • Budget commission;
  • Tax commission;
  • Property commission;
  • Commission of state off-budget funds.

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