The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast

Economic Policy Committee

The main objective is to develop legislative basis for increasing of efficient application of economic potential of Tomsk Oblast.

Committee membership:

  • Arkady Y. Eskin, the head of the Committee;
  • Evgeny V. Baranov;
  • Alexandr N. Frenovsky;
  • Andrey G. Petrov;
  • Vasily V. Siomkin;
  • Gennady N. Sergeenko;
  • Alexandr K. Shpeter.
  • Andrey P. Tyutyushev;
  • Paruyr A. Yavrumyan;

    The main activities:
    - Legislation forming economic policy of the Oblast in the following domains: industry; building, housing and utilities; fuel and energy complex; agroindustrial complex; forestry and timber industry; land tenure; consumer market; small business; foreign economic activity; investment and innovation activity; transport, road complex, communication and computer science; natural resources management and environmental protection.
    - Tax legislation of Tomsk Oblast, i.e. provision of conditions for economics development and increase in regional budget revenues.
    - Legislation to improve state property control, exercise control over effectiveness of management and state property distribution.
    - Procedure of resources use (financial, material, natural, land etc.)

    Standing commissions:

  • Industry and Small Business Commission;
  • Building, Transport, Communication and Road Industry Commission;
  • Agroindustrial Complex Commission;
  • Commission for Petroleum Industry, Natural Resources and Ecology;
  • Timber Industry Commission;
  • Housing and Utilities Commission;
  • Innovation Development Commission.
  • Economic Development and Investments Committee.

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