The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast

February 15, 2012. IV Extraordinary Session of the Duma of the fifth convocation

IV Extraordinary Session of the Duma of the fifth convocation
Viktor Tolokonsky, Aleksander Kupriyanets, Oksana Kozlovskaya, Viktor Kress
Vladimir Zhidkikh
Viktor Kress
Sergey Zhvachkin

The fourth extraordinary session of the Legislative Duma of the Tomsk Oblast of the fifth convocation took place. The session was broadcast online. The agenda of the session was published on the Duma’s website beforehand. The only item on the agenda was “Consideration of the nomination of Sergey Zhvachkin to be the Governor of Tomsk Oblast by the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev”.
Oksana Kozlovskaya, Duma Speaker, congratulated Viktor Kress, Governor of Tomsk Oblast, with the award “Order of Merit for the Fatherland”.
The candidate Sergey Zhvachkin was presented by Viktor Tolokonsky, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Siberian Federal District.
Sergey Zhvachkin spoke in front of the deputies. After his address, the candidate for the position of the Governor of Tomsk Oblast answered the deputies’ questions.

Then, the deputies proceeded with their statements.
Natalia Baryshnikova, leader of the Communist Party faction, said that the communists “cannot vote for Sergey Zhvachkin because that would mean they agree with the existing procedure of appointment of heads of region”.

Sergey Kravchenko (Just Russia) suggested voting for the personality rather than a party nominee and supporting the candidate Sergey Zhvachkin.

Galina Nemtseva, leader of the Just Russia party faction, said she would abstain from voting.

Oleg Gromov, an independent deputy, suggested backing the candidate nominated by the Russian President.

Oksana Kozlovskaya gave the floor to Aleksey Didenko, deputy of the Russian State Duma, Liberal Democratic Party faction. He reminded that the Liberal Democratic deputies always vote against the candidates nominated by the ruling party in all the regions of Russia.

Vladimir Zhidkikh, Tomsk Senator (Representative of the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast in the Federation Council) suggested “abandoning the political path” and agreeing with the opinion of the President and the Governor who had supported Sergey Zhvachkin.

Aleksander Kupriyanets, leader of the United Russia faction of the Oblast Duma, informed his colleagues of the decision adopted by the faction – approve the nomination of Sergey Zhvachkin.

Oksana Kozlovskaya gave the floor to Viktor Kress, Governor of Tomsk Oblast. He spoke of the expectations of the citizens of the Oblast about the new governor. Among them attraction of investment in the regional economy, continued development of the innovation sector of the economy, preservation of the special and unique aura of Tomsk. Viktor Kress expressed his confidence in that Sergey Zhvachkin is capable of meeting such expectations and called on the deputies to vote “for”.
Wrapping up the discussion, Oksana Kozlovskaya reminded of the many consultations held before the today’s session of the Duma. Representatives of all the Duma factions took part in those consultations. Leaving aside the differences of opinion, the deputies’ primary concern today should be the interests of the region. Oksana Kozlovskaya suggested approving the nomination of Sergey Zhvachkin.

Oleg Gromov, chairman of the counting board, shared with his colleagues the format of the secret ballot. Oksana Kozlovskaya reminded that the Duma Regulations provide 30 minutes for the entire procedure.

Vote results:
39 ballots distributed
39 ballots collected from the ballot boxes
32 votes “for”
7 votes “against”

On February 15, 2012 Sergey Zhvachkin was appointed Governor of Tomsk Oblast.

In accordance with current legislation, the position of Sergey Zhvachkin before the official inauguration is “citizen of the Russian Federation vested with the authority of the Governor of Tomsk Oblast”.

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