The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast

April 24, 2014. 30th – Anniversary – Session of the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast of the 5th convocation

30th Session The session was broadcast online. The agenda of the session and the bills submitted for consideration by the deputies were published on the Duma website beforehand.

In accordance with the Duma Council’s decision, Oblast Duma Speaker Oksana Kozlovskaya presented golden tokens Coat of Arms of Tomsk Oblast to Yuri Pokholkov, President of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia, and Sofia Korotayeva, assistant to deputy of the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast in 1999-2010. The Speaker praised Yuri Pokholkov for his immense contribution to the development of the Tomsk Polytechnic University and the research and educational complex of the region and the country. As for the award to Sofia Korotayeva, it is directly relevant to today’s festive occasion – 20th anniversary of the Oblast parliament – for an invaluable contribution to the development of the local government.

Oksana Kozlovskaya presented a certificate of honor of the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast to the director of ZAO Sibelectromontazh Viktor Samokhin, a “shining light” of the construction industry of the region. At the March Duma session he received an award for his high professionalism, many years of hard and dedicated work and substantial contribution to the development of the construction industry of Tomsk Oblast.


Total revenues of the 2014 Oblast budget were increased by 218m rubles, total expenditures by 641.9m rubles, deficit by 423.9m rubles, according to Vera Pliyeva, first deputy of the Head of the Tomsk Oblast Department of Finance.

The earmarked receipts from the federal budget of 218m rubles will be used to support agriculture.

The Oblast budget money will be used for the following purposes.

30th Session– 156.3m rubles for the construction of a sports arena with a 50 m swimming pool in Tomsk

– 117m rubles to finance implementation of the law on the retirement coverage for municipal workers in Tomsk Oblast

– 86.6m rubles for interbudgetary transfers to the budget of the Tomsk Oblast Territorial Compulsory Health Insurance Fund to finance ambulance services in Seversk

– 42.1m rubles for major overhauls of apartment blocks on co-financing terms

– 7m rubles to be transferred to the budget of the city of Tomsk for engineering survey work for the project Major overhaul of Sovetskaya Street from Batenkova Square to Kirova Avenue.

– 5.4m rubles for the enforcement of the court ruling to recover overpayments made in 2011 and 2012 for OOO Tomsk Terminal

– 4.9m rubles to finance the development of the Tomsk Oblast electric power sector in 2016-2020

– 4.5m rubles for extraordinary elections to the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast due to the termination of authority of the deputy Ivan Klyain.

The amended budget has the following indicators.

– the revenues of the 2014 Oblast budget now total 49.1bn rubles, expenditures total 52.6bn rubles, deficit is 3.5bn rubles or 8.72% of the revenues without non-repayable receipts.

The debt ceiling of Tomsk Oblast was increased by 423.9m rubles and, as of January 1, 2015 it will be 18bn rubles or 44.6% of the revenues without non-repayable receipts. As of January 1, 2016 it will be 19.5bn rubles (45.4%); as of January 1, 2017 – 20.7bn rubles (43.5%).

The total amount of spending on the investment and innovation activity in 2014 was increased by 298.6 million rubles and now totals 5.3bn rubles (including funding from the federal budget of 390.4 million rubles).

The amendments to the budget were adopted in two readings.


30th SessionFollowing the institution of the Ombudsman for Business Rights in Tomsk Oblast, the deputies made amendments to the Oblast law On civil service in Tomsk Oblast. They defined civil service positions, salaries and monthly bonuses for the office of the Ombudsman for Business Rights in Tomsk Oblast. Funds for the Ombudsman for Business Rights in Tomsk Oblast and their office will be provided from the Oblast budget.


The Oblast Duma deputies brought in compliance with the federal legislation the Oblast law On physical culture and sports in Tomsk Oblast. They detailed the definitions calendar plan of official physical training and sporting events in Tomsk Oblast, list of sporting events subject to inclusion in the calendar plan, Regional Sports Federation, sports teams of Tomsk Oblast.

The scope of authority of the authorized government agency for physical culture and sports in Tomsk Oblast was expanded to include:

– Control over compliance with the federal physical training standards in sporting organizations

– Develop an admission procedure for individuals enrolling in a sporting organization

– Organization and holding of championships, competitions and Cup of Tomsk Oblast contests, in cooperation with regional sports federations

– Approval of line-ups of Tomsk Oblast sports teams for participation in cross-regional and national sporting events.

The amendments were passed in two readings.


The deputies continue to improve the regional electoral legislation. They reviewed and adopted in the second reading amendments to three Oblast laws:

– On election of deputies to the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast

– On Governor elections in Tomsk Oblast

– On municipal elections in Tomsk Oblast

The amendments provide that purchases of ballots and special stickers (stamps) shall be made by the Tomsk Oblast Election Commission or by its reporting commissions upon the Election Commission’s decision. Such purchases shall be made in accordance with federal law No. 44-FZ from exclusive suppliers (contractors, service providers) determined by the Government of the Russian Federation no less then once every five years, based on recommendations by the Oblast Administration.

Stationary ballot boxes should be made of transparent or semi-transparent material in accordance with standards approved by the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation.

Local election commissions should be provided with enough transparent or semi-transparent portable ballot boxes.

The number of signatures required to register a candidate in a single-member constituency should be at least 0.5% of the number of voters registered in the constituency but no less then 10 signatures.

For Governor elections candidates should provide information about themselves so they could be vested with authority of a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly.


30th SessionThe Oblast deputies established a procedure for the installation of copies of the Banner of Victory in Tomsk Oblast on the Victory Day. They passed the Oblast law On utilization of the copy of the Banner of Victory in Tomsk Oblast in the second reading.

The copy of the Banner of Victory is a full-size replica of the banner raised by the 150th Rifle Division of the Soviet Red Army on the Reichstag building in Berlin on May 1, 1945.

Manufacturing of 500 copies of the Banner of Victory will cost 450,000 rubles. The Administration of Tomsk Oblast will allocate the required amount from its contingency fund.

It is allowed to raise the Banner of Victory on 318 buildings which house executive government agencies of Tomsk Oblast, Tomsk Oblast Administration departments, Tomsk Oblast government organizations and regional state unitary enterprises.

The Oblast Administration is responsible for handling the copies of the Banner of Victory.

The deputies voted to pass the law in the final second reading.


The deputies awarded Mercy and Charity pins to two entrepreneurs – general manager of OOO SANO Elena Moseyeva and director of OOO Sibirskoye Zdorovie 2000 (Siberian Health 2000) Igor Naychukov – for intense charitable activity by providing gratuitous help to people in need, children and social institutions of the Oblast.


The deputies vested Vladimir Zhidkikh, Tomsk Oblast Governor Deputy for Federal Government Relations, with authority to represent the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast on the Federal Broadcasting Bidding Committee in 2014 for tenders for on-air terrestrial broadcasting and satellite broadcasting at specific radio frequencies in the territory of the Oblast.

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