The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast

Execution of Tomsk Oblast Budget in 2007

The report on the execution of Tomsk Obalst budget in 2007 showed that the revenues to the regional budget of Tomsk Oblast accounted for 22,304.3 mln rubles, and expenditures - 24,154.2 mln rubles. The deficit of the regional budget totaled 1849.9 mln rubles. The revenues to the consolidated budget of Tomsk Oblast accounted for 29,412.0 mln rubles, expenditures - 31,321.2 mln rubles, and deficit - 1909.2 mln rubles.

Execution of Tomsk Oblast Budget Revenues and Expenditures
  Approved for 2007 Budget (mln rubles) Executed in 2007 Cf.: Executed in 2006
mln rublesas % as % to the year’s plan as % to the year’s plan
Revenues 23,261.222,304.395.9106.1
Surplus (+) or Deficit (-)-1423.9 -1849.9  

Structure of Revenues
Types of Revnues Total, mln rubles Share, %
Tax and non-tax revenues, total 16,598.4 74.4
Profit taxes from organizations 5537.633.4
Profit taxes from natural persons 4844.929.2
Property taxes2621.315.8
Taxes on recovery of minerals1176.27.1
Excise taxes on goods produced in the territory of the Russian Federation1240.47.5
Non-repayable transfers from the federal budget 5705.9 25.6

Main Items of Expenditures
Types of Expenditures Total, mln rubles
Inter-budget transfers9057.8
Social policy3192.2
Transport, farming and other sectors of the national economy4085.5
Public health and sport3024.9
Law enforcement, prevention and liquidation of emergency situations1275.4
Internal Debt Service283.7

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