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February 17, 2009. Solemn Reception of the Chairman of the Tomsk Oblast State Duma to Honour Laureats of 2008 Duma Award.

Reception to Honour Laureats of 2008 Duma Boris Maltsev, Speaker of the Tomsk Oblast State Duma

There are three nominations in the contest for students and young researchers: Engineering Sciences, Humanities, and Natural Sciences. To be eligible for a nomination, a young researcher should be at least 33 years old, have carried out a fundamental research or developed and successfully tested state-of-the-art equipment, materials, or technology.

There is a special nomination for schoolchildren - Young Hopeful where children compete in school performance, participation in academic competitions, and research work.

In 2008, the Duma deputies established two additional awards, one in each nomination. On the whole, 27 Awards were granted.

Becoming a Laureate and being granted an Award of the Tomsk Oblast State Duma is a great privilege and honor because the Award is granted not by a decision taken solely but by voting of 42 deputies. This is why it is a great merit to be granted the Award as a result of such a well-established contest.

The contest for the representatives of the regional and local brainpower was established by the deputies of the III Duma Convocation in 2002. Over 5 years, more than a thousand of gifted children and young people took part in the competition. The winners in the nomination Young Hopefuls of the previous years entered the best universities of the country, successfully passed their university degree examinations. The young researchers passed PhD and doctoral examinations, made important discoveries and inventions. Today, pictures of the Laureates of the contest are posted in the streets of our ancient city of universities.
Reception to Honour Laureats of 2008 Duma
Reception to Honour Laureats of 2008 Duma
Reception to Honour Laureats of 2008 Duma

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