The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast

15th anniversary

Tomsk hosted Transregional Research Conference “Russian Parliamentary System: Regional Dimension”
dedicated to 15-Year Anniversary of the Tomsk Oblast State Duma

In a conference hall

April 17, 2009. Over 100 delegates took part in the conference.

Materials of researchers and young specialists from Krasnoyarsk and Altai Territories, Tomsk, Omsk, Kemerovo, Voronezh regions and Moscow as well were published in the dedicated collection of works “Russian Parliamentary System: Regional Dimension”.

During the plenary part much consideration was given to the history of the Russian parliamentary system, past and current accomplishments, and problems faced by contemporary law-makers.

Boris Maltsev, Speaker of the Tomsk Oblast State Duma, stated a number of key phrases to be pondered over by the participants, such as ‘Parliament shall be a place for discussions, rather than a place to vote’; ‘Regional parliaments lack resumptive ideas’; ‘Too much of a good law cannot spoil the thing’.

Vladimir Zhidkikh, member of the Russian Federation Council representing Tomsk Oblast State Duma, Chairman of Youth and Sports Committee, pointed out that the Oblast Duma is a leader in passing important laws.
‘Ideas expressed by the Tomsk Oblast Duma are later implemented at the federal level.’

Grigory Shamin, Deputy Speaker of the Oblast Duma, proposed a topic for discussion related to the relations between the RF State Duma and regional Dumas.
‘On the one hand, only 2% of bills initiated by regions are adopted at the federal level to change the laws. On the other hand, when analyzing the changes in Russian legislation at large, it is obvious that regional initiatives are not left unnoticed. Our proposals are often denied but in a few years they find support. Perhaps they change their status and are no longer legislative initiatives of the Tomsk Oblast State Duma, they come under another authorship, but the goal remains the same – the problem is solved.’

After the end of the plenary part the conference continued its work in three sections:
  • Parliamentary Process in Russian Regions.
  • Communicative Strategies of the Russian Regions Legislative Power.
  • Parliamentary Culture of the Youth in Russian Regions.
Boris Maltsev, Speaker of the Tomsk Oblast State Duma
Vladimir Zhidkikh
Grigory Shamin

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