The Committee on Legislation, State Structure and Security

The following issues are within the competence of the Committee:

  • The form of government of Tomsk Oblast;
  • Laws on elections and referendum;
  • The administrative and territorial division of the Oblast and the procedure for its alteration;
  • Approval of the signing and termination of contracts concluded by Tomsk Oblast;
  • Laws on justices of the peace and the appointment of justices of the peace;
  • Anti-corruption laws;
  • Public order and the public security of citizens;
  • Establishment of administrative liability for the violation of laws and other normative legal acts of Tomsk Oblast, or the normative legal acts of local governments;
  • Local government.

Chairperson of the Committee

Vitaly V. Ogleznev

Committee Members

Fail A. Kamalitov

Oleg Ye. Kokovin

Dmitry B. Laptev

Valery N. Osiptsov

Yevgeny V. Pavlov

The Committee is composed of next Commissions

Local Government Commission

Public Order, Public Security and Anti-Corruption Commission

Oversight Commission

Committee on Budget and Finance

The following issues are within the competence of the Committee:

  • Budget laws;
  • Tax laws;
  • Questions of  managment and disposal of the estate of the Oblast.

Chairperson of the Committee

Aleksandr B. Kupriyanets

Committee Members

Yevgeny V. Baranov

Oleg V. Gromov

Sergey V. Zvonarev

Boris A. Maltsev

Aleksandr V. Rostovtsev

Yekaterina M. Sobkanyuk

Aleksandr A. Tereshchenko

Anatoly I. Titov

Aleksey G. Fedorov

Igor N. Chernyshev

Petr S. Chubik

The Committee is composed of next Commissions

Budget Commission

Property Commission

Tax Commission

Committee on Labor and Social Policy

The following issues are within the competence of the Committee:

  • Laws governing social policy implementation in Tomsk Oblast and designed to enhance the material wellbeing of the population in the Oblast and reduce poverty;
  • Healthcare;
  • Education;
  • Development of science and scientific activity;
  • Labor relations and employment of the population;
  • Athletic activities and sports;
  • Culture, tourism and the development of tourism;
  • Youth policy.

Chairperson of the Committee

Leonid E. Glok

Committee Members

Natalya G. Baryshnikova

Viktor A. Vorobyev

Yury V. Kalinyuk

Galina G. Nemtseva

Lev F. Pichurin

Vladimir T. Reznikov

Leonid L. Terekhov

Oleg M. Shuteev

The Committee is composed of next Commissions

Healthcare Commission

Culture and Tourism Commission

Education, Youth Policy and Sports Commission

Committee on Construction, Infrastructure and Environmental Management

The following issues are within the competence of the Committee:

  • Laws shaping the construction and infrastructure development policy;
  • Urban development;
  • Transportation, roads and communications;
  • Housing and utility facilities;
  • Energy facilities, including gas facilities;
  • Regulation of land relations, sustainable use of land and effective land management;
  • Ecology, environmental protection and the use of natural resources.

Chairperson of the Committee

Sergey B. Avtomonov

Committee Members

Sergey N. Bryansky

Aleksandr K. Mikhkelson

Dmitry V. Nikulin

Aleksandr N. Frenovsky

Aleksandr K. Shpeter

The Committee is composed of next Commissions

Urban Development Commission

Environmental Management, Environmental Issues and Land Regulations Commission

Infrastructure Development, Housing and Utility Commission

Committee on Economic Policy

Committee matters:

Laws shaping economic policy in the following areas:

  • Innovative activity;
  • Investment activity;
  • Strategic and program-target planning in Tomsk Oblast;
  • Industrial policy;
  • Forestry and timber industry;
  • Small and medium entrepreneurship;
  • Land use;
  • Agroindustrial complex and veterinary medicine;
  • Consumer market;
  • Accedence of the Russian Federation to the WTO;
  • Licensing of Certain Types of Activity.

Priority development projects in Tomsk Oblast: Creating conditions for the implementation of priority development projects in Tomsk Oblast, such as the establishment of the Education, Research and Development Center (INO Tomsk'2020), construction of a nuclear energy station, etc.

Chairperson of the Committee

Viktor A. Vlasov

Committee Members

Eduard V. Galazhinsky

Ivan I. Pushkarev

Vasily V. Semkin

Gennady N. Sergeenko

Aleksandr V. Fomenko

Paruir A. Yavrumyan

Commissions in the Committee

Agroindustrial Complex Commission

Strategic Development, Science, Higher Education and Innovation Policy Commission

Industry and Entrepreneurship Commission