The Council of the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast (hereinafter referred to as "Council of the Duma") is established for the preliminary preparation of organizational decisions related to the Duma's activities.

The Council of the Duma includes the Chairperson of the Duma with a right to vote, Deputy Chairperson of the Duma, Heads of the parliamentary factions, chairpersons of Duma committees and the Chief of Staff of the Duma. In the absence of committee chairpersons and/or heads of deputy parliamentary factions, deputies who are members of the respective committee or parliamentary faction may take part in the meetings of the Council of the Duma on their behalf.

The Council of the Duma:

– Proposes a draft agenda of Duma meetings and sets its dates;

– Makes the decision on returning draft laws to subjects with the right of legislative initiative if the requirements of Regulations of the Duma with regard to draft laws are not complied with, or if such draft laws require considerable improvement (including because of the duplication of federal legal acts);

– Makes the decision on holding parliamentary hearings.